Missing Persons


According to the National Institute of Justice, on any given day there are as many as 100,000 actively missing persons cases in the United States. Our Investigators can work with you on many types of missing persons cases, even those that are not considered missing persons cases in the eyes of the law.  

We can help

  • Families find a missing loved one that is not considered “missing” in the eyes of the law
  • Families seek additional answers on the missing persons cases of loved ones
  • Locate missing debtors, heirs and wittnesses
  • Work alongside law enforcement officials in active missing persons cases  

Compassion for our clients

We have over 35 years of investigative experience. We treat all cases with professionalism and discretion.

No Investgation is the same

We offer free consultations. Once you contact us we can discuss your concerns, available options, and more importantly, how we can HELP. 

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