Customer Testimony

Sergio B.

"I know the owner of Capital Investigations Group and called him because I noticed that the inventory in my store was low, but my sales were not increasing. The investigator came out and within 24 hours identified the employee who was causing the loss. I would have never suspected this person. The investigator was very professional and fully explained what the employee was doing and how he was doing it. The employee admitted that he caused over $8,000.00 in inventory loss to my business in a very short time. I was able to recover all of my losses from the employee within a month. I would have never known how this was happening or who was doing it without the help from Capital Investigations Group." 

Susan R.

"I own several small clothing boutiques in the South Florida area. I was recommended to this company by a friend. I hired them to conduct secret shops in some of my lower performing stores. They have retail experience and provided me with great information. I was able to use the information that they provided to train the staff in those stores and make other changes. Today I have seen increases in sales and positive responses from our customer's. They did a great job for me and I will continue to use them." 


"About a year ago I took a training class with Capital Investigations Group. The instructors were awesome! They explained everything very well and took the time to answer my questions. I got a job working in retail loss prevention after the training. My father owns his own company and I shared what I learned with him. It has also helped him in many ways."    


“I just want to say thank you for all your hard work. You guys were very professional and honest. l will definitely refer you guys.”